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How To Choose The Best Wardrobe For Your Headshot Session

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Are you wondering how to select a wardrobe for your professional headshots? This is one of the primary considerations for any headshot session, as it not only sets the mood but also determines the outcome of the images. Although it’s natural to be anxious about choosing a perfect outfit, you can make the best use of experienced photographers’ advice on what to wear for headshots to give out the right message through your images.

Here’s a short but effective guide to help you choose the perfect outfit.

What to keep in mind while choosing a wardrobe

Before you choose the right wardrobe for your headshot session, you should know what factors should influence your choice. Keep scrolling!

Color of the outfit

It’s safe to go for solid-colored clothes for formal headshots. They distract less and put the entire focus on your face, your smile and the message you wish to convey. Opt for blue, purple or wine-colored outfits, as they are quite flattering. If you want to match the color of your skin tone with that of your dress, pick beige, pastels or yellow. Go for red or orange, if you’re confident about your choice and are comfortable carrying the same.


Most headshot photographers will ask you to don V-necks, as they look quite professional. If you want to give out the impression of a businessperson, pair your collarless top with a formal jacket. Knitworks on the collars are best suited for creative headshots.


Get rid of lens glares in your photos by putting on minimal eyeglasses that enhance your facial features. You should choose a pair with non-glare coating or have the glare removed through editing. Make sure the glass frames match your outfit so that they don’t look misplaced.


While deciding what accessories to wear during a headshot session, you should go for the ‘less is more’ option. For women, an elegant pearl necklace should do the trick, coupled with pearl studs, and for men, well it’s safe to wear only an expensive watch for your headshots to come out as formal as possible.

Wrapping it up

Know your character properly before you decide on your wardrobe. What role you’re planning to play in your headshots and what’s your end purpose should determine your choice. If you’re posing for the corporate, you shouldn’t let your outfit distract your audience in any way. Talk to your photographer a few days before the shoot and ask them to give you an idea about the clothes you should choose for the session. They will have the best knowledge to guide you well.

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