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Reasons to Train Your Staff One-on-One

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Coaching and mentoring are such an important part of professional integrity and professional development. As a business owner it is your duty to ensure that Your staff members have the foundations in place in which to thrive. Professional training courses provide both general and specific training to employees working with myriad industries, and once you have decided to implement training the next choice is which format it should take. For many businesses it is a straightforward choice between group training or one-on-one training. There are different parameters within this that can alter dependent on the specific training being undertaken and the style of the industry.

One-on-one mentoring is an attractive proposition when it comes time to choosing which type of professional training you should provide to your employees. Group sessions are all well and good when it comes to general procedures and protocols, health and safety standards, and other types of information that are usually covered in induction processes for brand-new employees, but when it comes to in-depth professional development for individual employees, a bespoke training approach that focuses on that one individual alone for a training session can bring about far great improvements.

This begins with a strict training plan that can be developed on an individual basis, providing the basis from which professional engagement and improvement can be tracked towards long-term goals. Just through the process of creating a training plan for an individual person on this basis you are immediately building stability into a long-term plan and ensuring there is a clear and effective way to analyse performance and the impact of training as accurately as possible.

One of the biggest reasons that one-on-one training is more attractive than group training in the workplace is that it allows for a person to remain focused and have the time to engage with the professional trainer in a way that just isn’t possible with larger group training sessions. There is never enough time for a person to ask questions relating to issues they are struggling with, or to focus training on an area that they might be the only person suffering from at this moment in time.

Training takes time to be effective, and as a company owner you want to see returns on your investment as quickly as possible. Group sessions are not as effective over a longer period of time, with one-on-one training providing a strong building block for individual employees to reach personal goals that feed back into the health of the company as a whole.

Choose a professional training company with the experience and know-how to deliver one-on-one training both online and in person that helps your employees fulfil their potential. As a manager, it is your duty to ensure that your employees have a strong foundation in place to deliver the results your business needs right now, but that also ensures that they have the pathway to future success and a career within your company. There are benefits to both group training and one-on-one personal training. Finding the right professional training provider for your specific company needs will help you work out which type of training suits your employees.

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