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What are the Benefits of a Lifting Beam?

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A lifting beam is one of the most useful pieces of lifting equipment you can hire in many different situations. As long as you understand the exact load you want to handle (in terms of both weight and shape), a lifting beam will help you to safely and effectively complete the task at hand. Lifting beams come in a wide range of options, ensuring that they can adapt to many different scenarios and many different requirements. Utilising the expertise of lifting equipment hire specialists will help with the choice of lifting beam and the configuration that will maximise the efficiency of the task at hand.

Choosing the correct lifting beam for your needs will depend on a few factors. There are fixed beams, moveable centre of gravity beams, H beams, spreader beams, and other choices. Having this versatility of choice in different lifting beam configurations is fantastic and means that lifting beams are used to great effect in many different situations. Lifting beams are incredibly low maintenance, and easy to rig up when following simple instructions and when working with them on a regular basis.

A lifting beam is the simplest of all designs when discussing these different options. It consists of a single, solid piece of metal (the beam), that has a single bail in the centre, which is then used to attach the beam to a crane hoist through a chain or lifting wire to make up the rigging gear. The features of a lifting beam include that it allows for effective and safe lifting of heavy or cumbersome projects that might not have a safe weight distributed throughout it, or for those items that are not a conventional shape and would be difficult to lift using conventional lifting gear. Lifting beams can also be used to hang lifting devices from it.

Safety should always be the priority when discussing any type of lifting procedure or task, and this remains the same when using a lifting beam. The simple lifting beams are designed to attach from the centre, but as you can see above, there are various configurations that can be put together for lifting beams, where the centre of gravity is shifted to suit the needs of the task at hand. Understanding the load capacity of a lifting beam is a crucial part of the health and safety process, and should always be

Once there is a definitive need for lifting beams within a project that you are managing or that you are in charge of hiring lifting equipment for, the next step is to find a lifting gear hire company with the necessary skills to help you out. It is important to choose a hire company with years in the industry, the know-how to offer advice for your specific industry, and the specific tasks that you need a lifting beam for, and a company that can deliver to your site fast and effectively, with safety as paramount at all times.

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