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What are the benefits of email marketing in Singapore?

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Presumptions of many marketing visionaries made email marketing dead with the successful conquests of SEO and social media marketing/optimization. However a recent statistic says, most Singaporean SMEs trust email marketing for lead generation.

Check out some of the top benefits of email marketing in Singapore—

Personalized message to target audience

Email marketing helps to connect with the target audience directly with a fully personalized message. Professional email writers are given the job of penning the marketing email written with a smarter approach. Gone are the days when the typical formats of marketing mails were written

Nowadays, email marketing professionals use a unique writing approach while reaching out to the target audience. The personalized email contains some details of the issues the user might face and the company sending the message has some solutions. Often this drives users to hit the newsletters button by ensuring conversion.

Tell your brand story

Email marketing provides a story of the brand. Even if 1 out of 25 people opens the email, should encounter with a good writing showcasing the story of the brand and how it might help you with services and products.

Email marketing is cost effective

Email marketing is done with a fraction of digital marketing and promises leads.

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