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Where Can I Best Utilise Mini Excavators?

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Mini excavators can provide a plethora of benefits on construction sites or other projects where there is a need to dig holes, prepare land, or to demolish existing structures. What makes mini excavator hire a necessity for many project managers, is that the work at hand is taking place in severely restricted and confined spaces. This can restrict the choice of equipment and machinery that can be used, especially full-sized excavators, and limits the potential of the project if the correct equipment cannot be found. This is where a specialist and experienced plant hire company can provide you with the perfect solution to your problem.

What is a mini excavator?

The best plant hire companies will have a wide range of mini excavators for you to choose from, utilising the very latest technology that helps to boost standards and reduce breakdowns and the likelihood of accidents and injuries. It is important to understand exactly what a mini excavator is and what it can do for you though, before you choose a plant hire specialist to hire excavators from.

A mini excavator is a vehicle that can be either wheeled or tracked and used within construction for versatile purposes. A compact excavator can only be called compact or mini if it weighs anything under 20,000 pounds, although for some companies this cut-off is significantly lower at 10,000 pounds.

Although mini excavators are perfect for tight conditions and as a reliable alternative to a full-sized excavator, there are many different types of compact excavators for hire, and with the right advice and guidance you can choose the correct mini excavator hire for very specific purposes.

Where should you use a mini excavator over a standard size excavator?

Mini excavators are much lighter and smaller in stature than a standard excavator. They do not leave as much of an indent and track mark in the ground, which is advantageous at certain stages of a construction or demolition project, and by its very nature, a compact excavator can reach and work effectively in much smaller conditions, maybe where there is a narrower entry point or lower height to deal with on site.

They can be used effectively to dig holes, demolish structures on site, as part of repair jobs on foundations and sewer pipes, and a wide range of other necessary tasks to be found on various sites and within various sectors and industries.

Once you know exactly what type of machinery you need, whether that is mini excavator hire or another type of equipment or heavy machinery, you can begin to choose the supplier that fits your needs. Mini excavators perform a stellar service whenever called upon and the best plant hire companies understand that mini excavator hire is incredibly helpful for those construction projects where space is limited, or the space for delivery is restricted. It is important to build trust with a supplier, having a choice of the very latest models of mini excavators for hire, fast and effective delivery, and access to training and replacement should a breakdown occur.

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